You will find on this page all the updates we have accomplish for the english part of the website. If you encounter a bug, please check the date and contact us. With the following sheet, we will have the possibility to see where is the problem.

01/18/2018Updating Plugins depository
(Image inject desactivated + switching to a new plugin)
In progressSome latence expected for 01/18/2018
12/18/2017Fixing menuIt seems to workNope
12/18/2017Add first article, Update of the home pageAll fineNope
12/08/2017Fixing menuPartially workingIssue with the link to the homepage
12/08/2017Preparation for the 5.0 wordpress upgradeWe will seeGod save us
12/08/2017Integration of a tablepress sheetWorks fineNope
12/08/2017Home, Progress, Q&A pages addedWorks fineCheck stats and SEO
12/07/2017EDIC pages addedWorks FineNope
12/01/2017Creation of a specific english menuPartially workingthe redirection not working. Conflict with the french menu
Test and check for server loadAll fine (for now)Nope
12/01/2017Creation of the page House of EuropeDone. Works fineCheck stats and SEO
11/30/2017Implementation of the polylang pluginWorks fineNope