Joint Declaration on the EU’s legislative priorities for 2018-2019

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker signed today the new Joint Declaration on the EU’s legislative priorities for 2018-2019, alongside President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani and holder of the rotating Council Presidency and Prime Minister of Estonia, Jüri Ratas.

The Declaration sets out 31 new legislative proposals tabled by the Commission which will be given priority treatment by the Parliament and Council for adoption or substantial progress by the time of the European Parliament elections in 2019.

President Juncker said: “I have insisted since my election campaign in 2014 that under my watch the European Commission will be big on the big things that really matter to our citizens, and will deliver the positive results they are expecting by the time our mandate ends in 2019. I am glad that I can continue counting on the European Parliament and the Council as our allies in this work. The Joint Declaration on the EU’s legislative priorities is our promise of no empty promises. It is a commitment to work intensively for the next 18 months to find concrete solutions to the challenges Europe is facing and to stay united in the interests of Europeans.”

Signing today’s Joint Declaration, the Presidents of the three EU Institutions have agreed to deliver a positive agenda for a more inclusive and more united Union and to prepare a new financial framework for the years after 2020 which ensures the right balance between EU policies in the interest of citizens.

The Joint Declaration sets out seven priority areas:

  1. Better protecting the security of our citizens;
  2. Reforming and developing our migration policy in a spirit of responsibility and solidarity;
  3. Giving a new boost to jobs, growth and investment;
  4. Addressing the social dimension of the European Union;
  5. Delivering on our commitment to implement a connected Digital Single Market;
  6. Delivering on our objective of an ambitious Energy Union and a forward looking climate change policy; and
  7. Further developing the democratic legitimacy at EU level.

In addition, the three Presidents agreed to pursue the commitment to common European values, democracy and the rule of law; pursue a robust, open and fair trade policy; tackle tax fraud, tax evasion and tax avoidance; ensure social protection and social rights as set out in the Pillar of Social Rights; contribute to stability, security and peace; and ensure a high level of data protection, digital rights and ethical standards in artificial intelligence and robotics.

Finally, the Presidents of the three Institutions also agree to continue to work on all pending proposals from the 2017 Joint Declaration, as well as to deal with the legislative proposals set out in the Commission’s 2018 Work Programme.

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