The House of Europe of Yvelines has been labeled Europe Direct Information Center since 2009.

Our missions:

– to enable citizens to obtain clear information, advice and answers to their questions regarding Europe, its construction, operation, policies, funding possibilities and timeliness;
– actively encourage local and regional debate on the European Union and its policies;
– to enable the European institutions to improve the dissemination of information adapted to local and regional needs;
– offer the public the opportunity to provide feedback to the European institutions in the form of questions, opinions and suggestions.

The centers can also be local relays of the European Youth in Action Program, correspondents of the Eurodesk Information Network (Information Network on Youth Mobility in Europe) and OFAJ (Franco-German Office for Youth). ), or the sending structures of the European Voluntary Service (EVS); making them resourceful places offering a complete overview of the devices facilitating the international mobility of young people and whatever the project envisaged: further education, job search or internship, organization of exchanges and meetings, period volunteering …

To carry out their mission of information, the CIED welcome the public and answer questions by telephone and by email. They can also organize meetings on the European Union and information campaigns at local level. On site, you have many documents (brochures, leaflets, posters, etc.) and you can access the various sites of information on Europe with a computer reserved for this purpose. You can also find all the European news on the websites of different structures.